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A Hero of Peace Flew Away (Jean Vanier)

A hero of peace flew away –

one who saw treasure beneath imperfection

to reveal God’s reincarnation in each conception.


A hero of peace flew away, but not quickly.

Not before planting two blossoms on The Farm, which multiplied into a bouquet of thousands. They’ve perfumed France, indeed the world, for over fifty years.

Their scent intensifies still.


A hero of peace flew away.

This is nothing strange – he circumnavigated the globe many times, nurturing his gardens in 86 lands.


A hero of peace flew away.

Not childless, but father of thousands, mentor of hundreds, brother of seven billion siblings,

embracer of all faiths except hate.


A hero of peace flew away –

one who invited me into his home to illuminate my path to peace.

The directions? Follow your own leading with your own community to the individuals God gives you to love – over meals, tears, and years.


Oh hero of peace, I’m afraid for the world without you.

We are farther from becoming human than when you exhorted us to love last millennium.

“Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it cannot bear much fruit,” said our Nazarene Prince of Peace. I cannot fathom your greater fecundity, but I pray for it earnestly.

It is necessary.


Rest in peace, hero of peace.

I mourn your loss from the world, but rejoice in your well-lived life and joy in heaven.

The world resounds with the echo of your love.


Carole St. Laurent


In honour of the life and legacy of my beloved peace hero, Jean Vanier, on news of his death on May 7, 2019. I had the privilege of meeting Jean at his home in Trosly-Breuil, France, in 2015, and shared his wisdom on my website, ( Peace on your journey.


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